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  1. The United States is drawing close and finalizing plans to launch a missile strike against Syria. The conflict in Syria began on March 15th 2011 when protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. In April 2011, the Syrian Army was deployed to calm the uprising and fired on demonstrators across the country. As it progressed it evolved into a armed rebellion, Qatar and Saudi Arabia supply weapons for the rebels. The Syrian government is receiving military aid from Russia and Iran. The FSA, Free Syrian Army, has slowly been taking control of the country. FSA has captured checkpoints making it hard for Iraqis to escape. A ceasefire attempt was made but both sides neglected this deal and both sides continued fighting. Chemical weapons were reported to being used in December 23rd, confirmed reports of the chemical agents in missiles then started coming in. This event has now become so large that a joint mission from the United States and United Kingdom as well as a French carrier have surrounded Syria’s bordering waters. U.S. attack jets are stationed in Jordan as well as NATO missiles in Turkey. Tension is high as President Barrack Obama waits to give the order to strike against Syria, possibly starting World War 3.

  2. I had somewhat the article too and i think that it also has to do with the weapons that the government in Syria got, and President Obama was to make the final decision weather to go against Syria or not.

    • Now it looks as though it is in Congress’ hands. Very interesting from both an international and constitutional perspective.

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