Heart Attack Damage Repaired Using Gene Therapy

As a result of a heart attack, cells in the affected area stop beating and become encased in scar tissue. This damage was thought to be permanent until recently, it was discovered that it may very well not be.

Attempts to replicate the findings in human heart tissue initially failed, but by adding a further two genes to the mix the team was able to achieve similar results. Using that combination of genes, they were able to cause the scar-forming cells to change into a state which closely resembles healthy, beating heart cells, suggesting the condition is in fact reversible. Although this is considered only a small step towards healing all damaged heart tissue, it gives hope that the massive amount of people living with it every day and developing it will one day be able to be treated and live a better life.

“We’ve now laid a solid foundation for developing a way to reverse the damage – something previously thought impossible – and changing the way that doctors may treat heart attacks in the future.” -Dr. Deepak Srivastava

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10260701/Heart-attack-damage-repaired-using-gene-therapy.html

Seattle couple charged with kidnapping, torture of husband’s 13-year-old brother

A husband and wife are currently being kept in custody for charges of torture and kidnapping of the husband’s 13-year-old brother. The young boy was recently found sleeping in a bus shelter on a Navy housing complex when two Navy security officers found him, noticed his injuries, and sent him to a hospital.

Upon interrogation, it was found out that the boy, originally from Atlanta, was staying with his brother over the summer. During his stay, his brother and wife put him through many gruesome punishments, such as driving a nail through his hand, cutting him with a heated knife, hanging him and beating him, and stapling his palm with a construction stapler.

Reading this article reminds me why I hate watching the news- stories like this make me queasy. One thing I found completely ridiculous is that the boy’s family said they were getting worried when communication was cut off between them, but if they really were worried, shouldn’t they have done something about it? It sounded like they shipped the poor boy off to his brother’s for the summer just to be rid of him. The boy is currently living with a foster family, which I’m glad of, because it doesn’t seem like his family is as “devastated” his aunt claimed. I feel horrible for the boy, he’s so young and must have been traumatized. I can’t even fathom how his own brother and sister-in-law were able to commit such inhumane acts against a 13-year-old, much less a member of their own family.

Link: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/28/justice/washington-torture-case/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

New York police spying on mosques for terrorist activity

New York mosqueEver since 9/11 New York Police have been setting up cameras and bugs in designated mosques to check for terrorist activity. These places are called “terrorism enterprise investigations” (TEI), a location that allows police to investigate anyone who attends mosque prayers. These TEI investigations can go  years without any arrests or criminal charges.Reports say that NYPD  have created plenty of files on innocent Muslims. Sometimes they even go undercover to try  to fish out terrorist.

Becuase of this there have been many law suits against NYPD. People argue that its unfair and biased.Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo,  plan using this information for a book.

As i muslim i feel uncomfortable learning about this.But the people who are even more uncomfortable are the people being spied on. If they were to find this out it would be a horrible situtation in New York.


Men Caught On Camera Leaving Cash for Goods

Sunday night, four young men entered a closed store that, with its malfunctioning locks and lights left on, appeared to be open. The young men, who were recently identified to be Thomas James, Kell’E Gallimore, Jelani Bruce and Anthony Biondi, newcomers to William Paterson University’s football team, picked the items they’d wanted to purchase – “Just a $4 wire and a $1 pack of batteries,” (Gallimore) – and finding no shop keeper in the store, took the items and left the cash owed on the counter.

Impressed with the students’ honesty, the store owner Marci Ledderman, had the security tapes of that night released, asking the young men to come forward. When they were identified, they were thanked and praised for their integrity, and for representing a type of humanity that can only be revealed through the small things. I think that news of this sort – of people doing the right things – should be made headlines almost as often as people going crazy or killing someone.


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We have all been anticipating the long awaited release of the Note 3. I know there are way worse things happening in the world right now, but I just really wanted to share my excitement with all of you about the Note 3.

Not many people like the Galaxy Note series because the phone is just too big for some, however people like me who prefer phablets (Phone Tablets) prefer this phone. The Galaxy Note 3 does all the things that you phone does, but it just it better. Even though the phone hasn’t been released yet, there are many rumors going around about the phone.

Some rumors say that the phone will include a huge screen with 5.6 in, 5.7 in, and 6  in. This means that you (the costumer) will be able to choose your preferred size of the phone. I personally think that this is something new and it is going to be copied a lot in the future. There are other rumors that speculate that the phone will be available in black, white, and pink. However, this is not confirmed but I think this is very surprising because Samsung always features their blue version of the series, so this will be very exciting to watch. The phone is also rumored to carry 13- megapixel camera which is not surprising because most of the phones now days don’t carry cameras under 8 megapixels. The phone will also carry 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor along with 3 GB of Ram. I am personally very disappointed with the Ram because I expected more room to play with, but I guess the SD card slot will do.

Overall the phone sounds amazing so far, I can’t wait to see it’s first review on September 4th (already marked my calendar).

Link of Article;


Strike Against Minimum Wage

Fast food chain employees are expected to begin a strike against their companies. They are attempting to force the companies to raise their minimum wage from $7.25 and hour to 15 dollars an hour. I think that it would be beneficial if the employees got their pay increased. At the current wages employees do not make enough money to support themselves and their households. A fast food chain employee makes about ten thousand dollars a year. This is a concern because not all fast food employees are teenagers still in high school. Many employees of the chains are adults working full time to try to support their family. Often these people can not get higher paying jobs because of a lack of education or job availability. Regardless of the employee’s personal situation, minimum wage should be enough to provide for a decent standard of living. This is something that the current minimum wage does not do now. I believe that workers should continue to fight for fair wages from their companies and governments.

source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/29/us-usa-restaurants-strike-idUSBRE97S05320130829

by: Sarah Shepherd

Apple Inc. To Expand The Role Of Plastic In iPhone, iPad?

Apple inc. has sent a job listing asking for a plastics expert to help develop a new line of products. They want to develop a cheaper alternative of Iphones and Ipads made out of plastic. they want the plastics expert to help with material selection and aestetic features. they want to appeal to the market that cant afford their regular products and buy making it out of plastic it will help with the cost of the product.i believe it is a step towards the right direction for business buy broadening their products. many other companies have many different types of phones to chose from with different prices. for a long time apple has had the i phone but the problem was no selection to chose from just black and white. i think this business choice will raise their profits by giving people more selection maybe even take this route to their mac book selection.


Human Brain Grown in Petri Dish

We as a human race want to study ourselves to find out what makes us work.  If we wanted to, lets say, study a liver, but we had no liver to study, do we just give up?  No!  We are the most amazing organisms ever, so we say “Let’s make our own liver!”  And you know what?  We made our own liver!  We wanted to study the human brain and how various mental illnesses work, but those silly animal brains are way too different from our massive brains.  So you know what we do?  We make our own brain!  That’s right folks, the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna have made their very own brain from stem cells.  It grew right in the lab in a tiny petri dish!  The brain is about 4 millimeters in size and it most closely resembles a 9 week old fetus, but nonetheless, we grew a brain.  This brain can be used to help study various illnesses like autism or schizophrenia.  This is, right now, the most complex creation made from cells known to date.  Us humans are just awesome.


Full moon could affect our sleeping!


A new study in the journal Current Biology believes that people tend to sleep less during full moon. So, a lovely group of 33 healthy volunteers, between the ages of 20 to 74 slept under very controlled conditions in a laboratory. They slept in a room with no windows; so they couldn’t see the moon or the sun.  After three days of research, two results were found: full moon it is linked with a 20-minute reduction of total sleep time. Also, researches found that falling asleep during full moon takes more time than usual. However, some researchers believe that there isn’t enough information or data yet, therefore, the experiment needs to be conducted again over a longer period of time of around 30 days in order to cover the entire lunar cycle.

In my opinion, I find this study very interesting because I love and appreciate sleeping, I think is one of my hobbies. And sometimes even 5 more minutes of more sleep is a blessing, specially on cold and rainy mornings. I am looking forward for the next experiment results.

Syria’s Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons & US Response

Earlier this week, the Syrian government allegedly used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its own people. This set off worldwide protest and many people want an end to the killing that this civil war has brought. President President Bashar Assad’s government has been accused of this crime and now it looks like they are going to pay. The United States is responding by threatening to shoot Tomahawk cruise missiles at many military targets. The US has sent 4 US Navy destroyers,the USS Gravely, USS Mahan, USS Barry and USS Ramage, these ships are waiting to attack when President Obama says to.

In my opinion the US needs to back out of this and they should not get involved. It is still not proven that the Syrian government is responsible for using the weapons, so the UN has to figure out who really did. I have no doubt that the Syrian government has the capability of making such an attack and they indeed probably did. The point is that the US should not get involved in this because no matter what the Syrian government has done, an attack on military targets would be like helping the rebels. Some of the rebels fighting against Assad’s forces pledge to Al-Qaeda, which is known to be an enemy to the US and many other countries. These attacks would help the rebels and in the aftermath of the war, if it keeps going on for many more years and Assad leaves or gets killed, who will be taking his place. The reason I am saying this is because, Assad’s government haven’t really been a threat to the US or other countries. I am afraid of someone even worse could come to power who could be threat to not only the US but to Syria’s neighbor, Israel. If the strikes tip the war towards the rebels and, hopefully not, someone worse comes to power, the US could be somewhat responsible for that happening.

So the US should not get involved at all and just leave the civil war to finish itself. The choice to attack isn’t even a popular one by the American people. The US should not play the police of the world because if they get involved it could either get better or worse and people do not want to risk seeing the latter happen.