Why is there so little respect among conservatives for people who work for a living?

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It is clear to see that not many people know of or understand what Labor Day really is. Many people view Labor Day as the day off in early September that paves way for a barbeque or some other American passtime. What we do know however is that Labor Day is meant to honor the hardworking Americans who saw their business rise in success. It is clear now that despite being given an entire day in their honor, hardworking Americans aren’t respected half as much as they should. We see this because half of these Americans don’t make enough to pay for living essentials such as health insurance. Why? Because when many people think of hardworking Americans, they think of the wealthy 1%, not the upper middle class who at times struggle to provide for their families.

Labor Day must be turned into a holiday where we respect not only those people who thrive with success in their business, but also the people who face continuous struggle even after putting their blood, sweat, and tears towards a cause. It has to be the day where we respect the same businesses or corporations that made the hot dogs that we enjoy on this day. People must realize that the hardworking people are not only the successful business owners but also the middle class Americans who run institutions such as dry cleaners and nail salons that consumers frequent.

The Mixed Message of Digital Citizenship

We all need to beware what we are posting online. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even when you send your friends an email. Everything you post is recorded and is permanent. You cannot go back and take it off, because once something is out there, it lasts forever; therefore one needs to be careful with what one posts. Information out there cannot be controlled and can be copied, changed, or shared with a click of a button. Teens feel that they can get away with unacceptable behavior but what they don’t understand is that there are consequences. Most of the times people are posting positive things that happen in their life, but because of only the good things people post see we are creating a fake persona that we want people to believe in. We are only letting people see our good side and not letting them get to know us. I think we should keep a lot of our stuff private because you never know who is reading it. We should avoid posting negative things online because not everyone needs to know what is going on in your personal life. You don’t want to target yourself to bulling or even create a bad image for yourself thus, it is not necessary to post everything that is happening in your life. Before posting something we need to make the decision based on what, where, and who will see our stuff.


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Strike against Assad Regime

After the use of chemical weapons Syrian used in attacks the airstrike that was planned was delayed. There were UN inspectors trying to find evidence that Syria was in fact responsible for the attacks that killed hundreds of people. If they were behind these attacks there would be consequences. While still trying to get all the evidence there is undeniable proof that Syria was behind the chemical attacks.

The US also got it’s information through intercepted phone calls between Syrian commanders. The Obama Administration plans to respond with missile strikes as soon as Thursday to try and keep Syria from killing any more people.

This could end up causing another world war because Russia is on the side of Syria. If war were to break out and Russia joined in, the UK and France could also get involved and with all of the nuclear weapons this could be not only an end of a nation but an end of the world.

The Old World: I Want It Back!

Today the world is not what it used to be. When I hear my grandparents talk about what life was like before I was born, I feel jealous. I know that sounds a little weird, but life seemed so simple and happy back then. Everyone had a job, people weren’t competing, money wasn’t the most important thing, and most importantly people actually cared about the world that they lived in. Now days all that has changed.

Today there is so much corruption in the world that countries are beginning to fail at their job; which is to provide a safe and livable environment for their citizens. However, now days all people care about is how to get richer and they don’t care about the people that they hurt in the process of getting rich. Some people like myself would say that this is messed up, but there is no one out there that has the guts to punish those horrible leaders.

Some countries, like the ones portrayed in the article, don’t have healthy and safe living conditions and their leaders don’t care about what their citizens have to go through. Even though it is very important that a country has economic growth, this doesn’t mean that one country should  not care about everything else that is happening around them and only focus on the profit side of it.

One day, I would actually like to experience the world that my grandparents talk about, and in order for that to happen we need more caring people to step up to the plate and take control, or else this world will come crashing down.

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The verdict made its decision and once again the powers of the state guillotined the freedom of an American Hero.  Bradley Manning was convicted on several espionage charges and was sentenced to 35 years of prison. This decision sets a precedent of fear and control by the state; The government using its powers to hide the truth to the people of their criminal activities. Bradley Manning leaked classified documents about the criminal acts that the military was taking in the middle east. These criminal activities were kept away from the American people and Manning decided to take a stand and expose the truth about the government’s activities.

Eventually, Manning was brought to court to decide his sentence with the full strength of law. Here we see a man with a harsh life that took a stand and risked his freedom to show the American people how they are being represented over seas. The government fiercely declared that Manning put every American citizens at risk, and millions of people were in danger because of his actions. When the court requested proof or any kind of evidence of people harmed by Manning’s leaks, the prosecution was not able to bring a single case of evidence. This conflict is just a simple example that this government is not representing the interests and beliefs of the American people. This sector of the government is taking actions that are not part of an American mind set, on the contrast perspective, this sector of the government just imprisoned a true American hero that took a stand for the American people.

This is an outrageous decision by the court.  Yet, it is expected to see that this government is working on a different set of ideals that do not identify with this nation’s perspective. We have witnessed a young American sacrificing his most precious property for all of us, his freedom. These decisions simply demonstrate the absolute control that our government has, and its vicious goals to hide a truth that all Americans should know. Thanks to Bradley Manning we are aware of the actions that need to change in our government. We should sit and think if it is by any means fair to have free those who committed the brutal war crimes and imprison with might and thunder the man who stood up for all of us.

Bradley Manning is a true American hero and we should all take a stand like he did. Manning stood for us. Will you stand by him?

Free Bradley Manning.

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Know who you are talking to because there’s always more

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This article brings up a good point about paying attention. I know that adults were our age once, but that doesn’t mean they can relate to us on the same level. Different things happen and it is completely presumptuous of adults to think they know everything about teenagers. There seems to be a lack of understanding past the ever so popular phrase ” I know your body is changing and you’re dealing with hormones.” The teenage experience is more than that, and has differed tremendously since when the adults were kids. I think that this may have been a suicide because Croom’s fascination with the movie could have been his fascination with the way the character dies in the movie/story. I honestly don’t believe that adults can relate to us on the level we need. As teenagers, it’s a whole different perception, almost as if we have some sort of fixed vision. There are ways to handle these things, but feelings like these have to be handled or prevented, over time.

Uprising in Syria

As some of you reading this may know, for the past few years there have been a string of violent uprisings in the Middle East. Syria, Egypt and Lybia are among the few experiencing these revolutions. All have one thing in common: Oppressive governments that the people are trying to get rid of. Like most oppressive governments do, they immediately tried to stomp out these protests, often with brute force. But the people refuse to give up. Syria is a perfect example. The Syrian “rebels” have been fighting the Syrian regime for a few years now, trying to gain power and form a better government. It has been a bloody civil war to say the least but what has recently caught the news is the alleged use of chemical weapons on the part of the Syrian government. America, along with the rest of the world warned the Syrian regime that if they use these weapons capable of unbelievable destruction, there would be repercussions. Only a short time later, the world discovered that the Syrian government did in fact use chemical weapons on the public, consequently killing hundreds of innocent people – many of them children. When confronted about it, the Syrian regime refused to let U.N. inspectors investigate the allegations. The U.N. eventually did gain access to the site but only after weeks of secrecy – ample amount of time for the regime to constantly shell the site and get rid of all the incriminating evidence.

On August 26, 2013, the New York Times published a story that details Secretary of State John Kerry’s certainty that chemical weapons were used. He, along with much of the U.S. government, talked about possible military intervention with long range missile strikes and bombardments. Now many Americans, myself included, want to know what the U.S. intends to do about this. As a political and militaristic force, America has sat on the sidelines while atrocities were committed on more than one occasion. I hope that this is not another one of those moments.

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Syria crisis: Russia sends warships to Mediterranean

Russia is sending warships to the east Mediterranean. Sending these ships is Russia’s response to the military intervention in Syria led by the US and its allies. As the Western allies are getting closer, Russia calls for a diplomatic solution. Obama said he has not made a decision of the US taking action or not. “I have gotten options with our military, had extensive conversations with my national security team. If the Assad regime used chemical weapons on his own people, then that would change some of our calculations – and the reason has to do with not only international norms but America’s own self-interest,” Obama said in an interview with Public Broadcasting Service. Russia however very strongly opposes military involvement in Syria. They think that in this crisis, Syria needs a political solution, not a military one. Any kind of intervention without the approval of the UN Security Council would be a violation of international law.


US may use missiles to attack Syria

As we all know Syria has been fighting a war. Recently they used chemical weapons on the citizens. The US and most other countries Do not approve of this. The US may become involved in this war if they decide to attack Syria. If the US were to attack they would rely on missiles. These missiles would be launched from warships, subs and maybe even warplanes. The US is expecting Syria to start to activate their air defense system once the US begins the attack.