3-D Printer anyone?

Have you ever heard of a 3-D printer?  Well if you haven’t it is basically just a normal printer except it prints solid 3 dimensional objects.  Now I know what you are thinking.  You are probably thinking that it would be something cool to have but it would be way to expensive.  Well, your wrong.  3-D printers are actually becoming a lot cheaper now.

3d-printer-v.5.5-airwolf3d1It is actually expected that every house hold will eventually have one.  There are many advantages to having a 3-D printer.  These advantages include creating almost anything that you want from toys to any house hold equipment.  Also a cool feature of the printer is that if pieces in it start to wear out you can simply print that piece and replace it!  By having a 3-D printer people would save an average of $300 to $2000 a year!  The only disadvantage of the printer is that it takes a little over a day to print something, about 25 hours.

Link to Blog: http://freakonomics.com/2013/08/02/3d-printers-for-everyone/

Have you heard Obama’s latest speech?

If you haven’t hear his speech hear is a clip: http://news.msn.com/us/obama-speaks-on-50th-anniversary-of-king-speech

In his speech Obama states that greater and better changes will occur only if the american people and the government all work together.  He also says that we are basically setting ourselves back with conflicts.  If we all work together then change will not come FROM Washington but will COME TO Washington.  I honestly think that this is absolutely true.  I always get more done if I work with others.  I accomplish nothing when I am in conflict with someone.  I think that Obama is a great president that we should trust in more.