Most Anticipated Back-to-School Technology Tools (2013)

Even though there were only 77 respondents that took part in this survey I thought it was interesting what they said was a necessity for class. The 77 respondents that took this survey were educators and I thought it was funny that they wanted to have students use iPads and smart phones instead of usual items like laptops. The common products educators are looking forward to using are iPads, Google apps for Education, and smart phones. I understand the Apps to help students with materials or concepts that they do not understand but I think its weird how they are looking forward to using smart phones in class. The iPad is like a laptop so I would understand why those would be acceptable. Whenever I read or hear about new technological devices that can be used in class I always think back to the times when my parents did not have these sort of privileges as kids. I think its cool that we now have these privileges but we shouldn’t always rely on these devices.

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Fast-food Strike

This Thursday fast-food workers have planned to stage a walkout in cities around the country to push fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s to pay their workers higher wages. There have been walkouts like this since last November in New York and have spread to cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Seattle. The reason they what to push for higher wages is because the $7.50 that workers are being paid is not enough to support them. McDonald’s said that wages are raised depending on the worker’s position and the level of experience. McDonald’s also said that if they were to raise their wages that means they’d have to raise the costs of their food leading to the downfall of the successful cheap food that they provide. I thought this article was interesting because I had not heard of these strikes and thought it was interesting to read that workers are fighting for fair pay. After reading the article I agree that the workers should be paid more because they just stand the whole day taking orders from customers and to receive a small amount for the hours they work can be frustrating.