Why Wasn’t This Spoken About Earlier?

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This article is about a rape in India, more so that it is about the gang at least I feel. It is painful to read that women in India, are mothers and grandmothers by force. These poor defense less women are living in constant fear of rape, due to their new independent roles in India. They can’t be independent women without it being a problem and now they don’t even have the choice to live freely because of they now have to take care of children.

My concern for the most part, is why was this not brought up faster, and what does this say about the world? There is crime everywhere and we are all just no realizing how cruel people have come to be? Why is it that when there is a problem, it takes so long to be solved. I am not expecting instantaneous, but I expect people to care about others enough to at least spread the word. There are so many women, that are still going through the struggle of gaining their independence. These men are raping the women because they are taking jobs and by impregnating the women, the men can get their jobs back.

This is a whole other issue as well. This kind of mindset really clashes with mine. It also show how different people think depending on where they are from. This more than just rape too. This is how humans react to something they don’t like. I get that change it something to adjust to, but the world is always changing, humans are always evolving and no amount of rebellion in reverse can stop evolution. This says so much about the world and humans. This brings up change as well and how people react to it if they like the change or not.

This was completely disturbing in the way that I can’t even put my anger on this subject into words. I am disgusted with human behavior in general and this just further supports why.

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