Why is there so little respect among conservatives for people who work for a living?

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It is clear to see that not many people know of or understand what Labor Day really is. Many people view Labor Day as the day off in early September that paves way for a barbeque or some other American passtime. What we do know however is that Labor Day is meant to honor the hardworking Americans who saw their business rise in success. It is clear now that despite being given an entire day in their honor, hardworking Americans aren’t respected half as much as they should. We see this because half of these Americans don’t make enough to pay for living essentials such as health insurance. Why? Because when many people think of hardworking Americans, they think of the wealthy 1%, not the upper middle class who at times struggle to provide for their families.

Labor Day must be turned into a holiday where we respect not only those people who thrive with success in their business, but also the people who face continuous struggle even after putting their blood, sweat, and tears towards a cause. It has to be the day where we respect the same businesses or corporations that made the hot dogs that we enjoy on this day. People must realize that the hardworking people are not only the successful business owners but also the middle class Americans who run institutions such as dry cleaners and nail salons that consumers frequent.

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