3-D Printer anyone?

Have you ever heard of a 3-D printer?  Well if you haven’t it is basically just a normal printer except it prints solid 3 dimensional objects.  Now I know what you are thinking.  You are probably thinking that it would be something cool to have but it would be way to expensive.  Well, your wrong.  3-D printers are actually becoming a lot cheaper now.

3d-printer-v.5.5-airwolf3d1It is actually expected that every house hold will eventually have one.  There are many advantages to having a 3-D printer.  These advantages include creating almost anything that you want from toys to any house hold equipment.  Also a cool feature of the printer is that if pieces in it start to wear out you can simply print that piece and replace it!  By having a 3-D printer people would save an average of $300 to $2000 a year!  The only disadvantage of the printer is that it takes a little over a day to print something, about 25 hours.

Link to Blog: http://freakonomics.com/2013/08/02/3d-printers-for-everyone/

4 thoughts on “3-D Printer anyone?

  1. This printer is amazing! I’ve seen it work and the final product was just one of a kind. It gets to all the fine details.

  2. This seems pretty interesting, but will the quality actually be good?
    Often times 3D experiments like this one sound promising, but perform poorly.
    One of my friends was playing the Green Lantern XBOX 3D game and it was horrible. It looked like a 60s 3D comic, so I am just hoping that this invention actually works because of the many different things you can produce with it. Just imagine 3D pictures of anything you want. That sounds promising.

  3. Wow, I’ve heard something about this product before. It’s pretty neat and innovative; and who would think it would actually be saving you money?!? I’m excited to see where technology takes us in the next couple of decades.

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