The Old World: I Want It Back!

Today the world is not what it used to be. When I hear my grandparents talk about what life was like before I was born, I feel jealous. I know that sounds a little weird, but life seemed so simple and happy back then. Everyone had a job, people weren’t competing, money wasn’t the most important thing, and most importantly people actually cared about the world that they lived in. Now days all that has changed.

Today there is so much corruption in the world that countries are beginning to fail at their job; which is to provide a safe and livable environment for their citizens. However, now days all people care about is how to get richer and they don’t care about the people that they hurt in the process of getting rich. Some people like myself would say that this is messed up, but there is no one out there that has the guts to punish those horrible leaders.

Some countries, like the ones portrayed in the article, don’t have healthy and safe living conditions and their leaders don’t care about what their citizens have to go through. Even though it is very important that a country has economic growth, this doesn’t mean that one country should  not care about everything else that is happening around them and only focus on the profit side of it.

One day, I would actually like to experience the world that my grandparents talk about, and in order for that to happen we need more caring people to step up to the plate and take control, or else this world will come crashing down.

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