Know who you are talking to because there’s always more

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This article brings up a good point about paying attention. I know that adults were our age once, but that doesn’t mean they can relate to us on the same level. Different things happen and it is completely presumptuous of adults to think they know everything about teenagers. There seems to be a lack of understanding past the ever so popular phrase ” I know your body is changing and you’re dealing with hormones.” The teenage experience is more than that, and has differed tremendously since when the adults were kids. I think that this may have been a suicide because Croom’s fascination with the movie could have been his fascination with the way the character dies in the movie/story. I honestly don’t believe that adults can relate to us on the level we need. As teenagers, it’s a whole different perception, almost as if we have some sort of fixed vision. There are ways to handle these things, but feelings like these have to be handled or prevented, over time.

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  1. Cool point of you! I agree with you that adults can’t understand what we go through. However, I feel that at certain times they do know how we feel, since they went through a similar experience.

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