The verdict made its decision and once again the powers of the state guillotined the freedom of an American Hero.  Bradley Manning was convicted on several espionage charges and was sentenced to 35 years of prison. This decision sets a precedent of fear and control by the state; The government using its powers to hide the truth to the people of their criminal activities. Bradley Manning leaked classified documents about the criminal acts that the military was taking in the middle east. These criminal activities were kept away from the American people and Manning decided to take a stand and expose the truth about the government’s activities.

Eventually, Manning was brought to court to decide his sentence with the full strength of law. Here we see a man with a harsh life that took a stand and risked his freedom to show the American people how they are being represented over seas. The government fiercely declared that Manning put every American citizens at risk, and millions of people were in danger because of his actions. When the court requested proof or any kind of evidence of people harmed by Manning’s leaks, the prosecution was not able to bring a single case of evidence. This conflict is just a simple example that this government is not representing the interests and beliefs of the American people. This sector of the government is taking actions that are not part of an American mind set, on the contrast perspective, this sector of the government just imprisoned a true American hero that took a stand for the American people.

This is an outrageous decision by the court.  Yet, it is expected to see that this government is working on a different set of ideals that do not identify with this nation’s perspective. We have witnessed a young American sacrificing his most precious property for all of us, his freedom. These decisions simply demonstrate the absolute control that our government has, and its vicious goals to hide a truth that all Americans should know. Thanks to Bradley Manning we are aware of the actions that need to change in our government. We should sit and think if it is by any means fair to have free those who committed the brutal war crimes and imprison with might and thunder the man who stood up for all of us.

Bradley Manning is a true American hero and we should all take a stand like he did. Manning stood for us. Will you stand by him?

Free Bradley Manning.

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