Men Caught On Camera Leaving Cash for Goods

Sunday night, four young men entered a closed store that, with its malfunctioning locks and lights left on, appeared to be open. The young men, who were recently identified to be Thomas James, Kell’E Gallimore, Jelani Bruce and Anthony Biondi, newcomers to William Paterson University’s football team, picked the items they’d wanted to purchase – “Just a $4 wire and a $1 pack of batteries,” (Gallimore) – and finding no shop keeper in the store, took the items and left the cash owed on the counter.

Impressed with the students’ honesty, the store owner Marci Ledderman, had the security tapes of that night released, asking the young men to come forward. When they were identified, they were thanked and praised for their integrity, and for representing a type of humanity that can only be revealed through the small things. I think that news of this sort – of people doing the right things – should be made headlines almost as often as people going crazy or killing someone.


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