Fast-food Strike

This Thursday fast-food workers have planned to stage a walkout in cities around the country to push fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s to pay their workers higher wages. There have been walkouts like this since last November in New York and have spread to cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Seattle. The reason they what to push for higher wages is because the $7.50 that workers are being paid is not enough to support them. McDonald’s said that wages are raised depending on the worker’s position and the level of experience. McDonald’s also said that if they were to raise their wages that means they’d have to raise the costs of their food leading to the downfall of the successful cheap food that they provide. I thought this article was interesting because I had not heard of these strikes and thought it was interesting to read that workers are fighting for fair pay. After reading the article I agree that the workers should be paid more because they just stand the whole day taking orders from customers and to receive a small amount for the hours they work can be frustrating.


6 thoughts on “Fast-food Strike

  1. I agree with you. When you commit your time to working wherever you work and get paid very little wages, it makes you not want to do hard work. I think that whenever people feel that they are being treated badly in their work environment, they should strike and get justice served. I worked this summer and my pay was higher than the McDonald’s workers. This is so unfair because the job that I had was my first job ever and I am only in High School. However, I know people who go to college and work in McDonald’s and are barely able to pay for rent. Something should really be done about this.

  2. This reminds me of the Burger King that I drove by on Thursday afternoon. It was completely deserted except for a few customers, who didn’t seem like they where being served. My mom told be about this strike and I was completely surprised. I didn’t think that the workers in fast food restaurants would actually go on a strike, but it shows how serious the issue is. I do think that the fast food workers should be paid more, but I do think that they can make their voices heard without striking. Because they went through so much effort to get their voices heard, I hope they achieve the wage increase they are fighting for.

  3. I don’t think that the workers should be paid more because that is how the fast-food industry survives. It hires cheap labor to make the food and therefore can sell it for very cheap. If the prices went up for the food, less people would buy it and the company wouldn’t be as successful and might even end up having to close stores. Would you pay $10 or possibly more for a Big Mac combo? Most people would find that ridiculous and would rather go somewhere else that is cheaper or just not get fast-food. Also, working at McDonalds doesn’t require much experience at all and thus is a low paying job.

  4. I believe that if a worker works full time (40hrs a week). Yes, a McDonald fast food worker is unskilled but however if the worker should be able to put food on the table,have a place to stay and some kindof insurance. The prices will go up for the consumer most likely. But however the workers will have more money to spend back into the economy.

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