First Post

Hello students!!

Okay, we are going to give this a chance.  I will speak to you next class so we can figure out how to make this all work together.

I am excited to see all that you will write about.

Here are the blog rules:

  1. Be Respectful. It is possible for reasonable people to disagree.
  2. Be Appropriate. This is a school-based blog. Normal school rules as to content, tone, and topic apply.
  3. Be Thoughtful.  Think before you post.  Remember, anything you post is public forever.

The final rule is that I am the administrator of these blogs.  If I deem something inappropriate we will remove it from the blog and/or remove the entire blog.  I don’t expect to have to do this as I trust you all to act in an acceptable way but I reserve the power to remove things I find inappropriate, offensive, or otherwise not in-line with the norms of behavior of the school.

-Mr. M

2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. A shooting on Sunday in Iraq killed 27 people and left 60 injured. There were multiple attacks and one was in a popular coffee shop in Baghdad; a bomb went off and killed 10 people right away. Another attack was in Mosul where gunmen trapped a vehicle with Iraqi soldiers. According to research last month was the most violent months Iraq has experienced in the last 5 years. Through acts of terrorism and violence, 1057 Iraqis were killed and another 2,326 were wounded. This article really shocked me because terrorism continues to go on in Iraq and worse than ever. If this continues many soldiers will be killed as well as innocent civilians by their bloodshed. This article interested me because it’s important to know what goes on in other countries beside the one we reside in. War, conflict, terrorism, and violence are a horrible thing and the fact that it continues should be a lesson to other nations about that country and how not to act.

  2. The Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla, is banning cheer leading uniforms during school day. The girls who have put on this uniform during the school day of prep rallies before Friday night football games can no longer come to class in their uniforms on game day. There short skirts and sleeveless arms are violating the schools dress code. The dress codes in many high schools are becoming stricter and they are stepping up their game on imposing appropriate clothing. They say that the uniforms are too skimpy even though it was provided and approved by the school. It’s a tradition that cheerleaders where their uniform on game day to keep the spirit going. It is a uniform, and like other athletic teams they are allowed to wear them during class.

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